Until we treat people as more than their risks, diseases and habits, we will fail to help them find a way to lead their best lives.

And the most amazing thing is that each one of us is unique. So if we’re going to engage with them, our approach had better be individual and unique, too.
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MyHealthyDay helps more of your employees adopt more healthy behaviors by engaging them—based on their unique needs, tastes, desires and life circumstances—to make the daily changes necessary to live healthier.

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Behavior change is hard.

Current solutions aren’t helping enough people succeed. MyHealthyDay can help your employees connect with the resources that are the best fit for their needs and preferences, greatly increasing their chances of success.

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MyHealthyDay, from tuzag, guides employees through complex information in a way that increases engagement and builds trust.

Like a savvy hotel concierge or tour guide, MyHealthyDay talks with your employees, gathers information and takes time to understand their individual situations, and then helps them connect with the resources that best match their needs and preferences.

Instead of a once-a-year Health Risk Assessment, and for about the same cost, you can offer your employees an ongoing support system: a daily (if they want) conversational virtual companion that delivers individually tailored content, engaging them and helping them find the best matches for their health and well-being goals, ultimately motivating them to take action.

Your users remain in control of their data at all times. And in a digital environment where their attention is at an absolute premium, we offer them valuable advice that is tailored to their needs and understands their time constraints.

MyHealthyDay is available as an app on iOS or Android, on Amazon Echo or Google Home, or in any web browser.

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tuzag leverages insights from many different fields, including behavioral economics, narrative medicine, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to deliver content that engages and motivates.

We have developed authoring tools, narrative frameworks, and a messaging delivery system that works with your existing communications platforms to help employees and dependents make healthier choices, one decision at a time. And we can help you offer MyHealthyDay to your employees.

We also offer custom design and development services built on our proven digital storytelling platform, for customers who’d prefer to build their own digital concierges.

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